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"Stay Connected" Organic Cotton T-Shirt (2 Colours)

"Stay Connected" Organic Cotton T-Shirt (2 Colours)

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You have already seen the cards and the prints.  Presenting to you, the 'Stay Connected' design T-shirt.
This T-shirt is inspired by our favourite street artist, Banksy. Instead of a standard, red balloon, the little girl with the afro hair has one arm raised upwards towards her red, Africa-shaped ballon. The question is, is she reaching for the balloon or has she just let go?
All four of us were born in England - we are second and third generation immigrants.  There is a duality for us as we consider ourselves both British and Nigerian. Our culture and heritage are important. So, while we might eat fish and chips on a Friday, you may also catch us eating pounded yam with efo riro* and assorted meat on a Saturday. We do what we can to stay connected. 

Design is screen-printed and available on either a white or grey T-shirt.

Material: 100% organic cotton.

Washing Instructions: Hand-wash preferred, but machine washable at 30 degrees. Always wash inside out.

 *Efo Riro is a spinach stew commonly eaten by the Yoruba people of Nigeria.



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